And who will die, you don’t have right to decide!!!

   Damn Bastards


Hey damn bastards! 
And it last drop! 
Hey rules killers! 
The End is near. 
The world will see all! 
All world will see all! 
And it’s all in human blood.All…. 
Hey damn bastards! 
And it last drop!!! 

Fire burns and dark the street 
Our life it’s not a toy, and we are here 
Everyone deserves to live! 
And who will die, you don’t have right to decide!!!

Mrs. Death in TV, and you belive in it… 
Hey, wake up, all goes down. 
Burns forest, burns all land 
Everything revolves around… 
Planet Earth is bursting at the seams!!!

Fire Burns and dark the street. 
Our life it’s not a toy, and we are here! 
Everyone you killed will alive 
So listen to your heart forever dead cries!!!!!




HELP! Fascism in Ukraine 2014! “Damn bastards!!!”

This is what is happening in South-East of Ukraine! We are asking for your help to disseminate this information and save the people in Ukraine. This is very scary!
The new government, killing ordinary people, unarmed people … in Odessa burned alive, those who survived were beaten to death. DON’T BE INDIFFERENT!

It makes me sad ….

It’s night and I can not sleep. Different thoughts in my head. To be honest, I would like now to get dressed and go for a walk the streets at night, with my favorite music on the headphones.

My dream is to walk around at night Los Angeles. It will be magical!)

But Now I feel very sad and lonely.And I do not know why …I sit in this gray room as if in a cage. I want freedom!

But start tomorrow and I’ll start working for my dreams. And it’s really to make me happy!!!